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The Word of Kurtz
I was checking the "links" section of my website, just to make sure everything was still working as I hadn't actually clicked on anything there for a while, and I found myself on the PVP website.
"A while" was obviously "a few years". I barely recognised the strip!
Anyway; I'm not writing this to bitch about hating change (I'll save that and put it into Sequential Art), I'm writing this to relay a very good point the good Mr Kurtz made in the PVP blog:
"Everyone is kind of freaking out right now because of the Gary Friedrich case. Long story short, the guy who created Ghost Rider in 1972 sued Marvel, claiming that they never filed a copyright for his work and therefore he still owns Ghost Rider. Courts said "sit down before you fall down" and in addition slapped the guy with a $17,000 fine for selling tee shirts and posters featuring Mike Ploog Ghost Rider art at conventions.
People are considering this a warning salvo at artists who do sketches of Marvel and DC owned characters at
:iconjollyjack:jollyjack 24 72



I'm too lazy to close this account! That would be work!


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VampireSlug Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave! :)
ksleet Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018
NW, it was a truly handsome little sprite.
Small-Brown-Dog Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2017
Thanks for the fave :)
Larqua Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017
Same as FanArtFantast really, thanks for Afterlife Blues and especially A Miracle of Science. I've enjoyed them immensely over the years.

...with a droplet of macdjord. Is there any hope for the former continuing someday? It seemed to have a good bit of promise and an interesting world ;.;
ksleet Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018
Hey, thanks very much! I'm afraid there's little chance of the comic continuing, just due to how much has gotten in the way for both Jon and myself. I did write a little side story for it which you can read here:…
FanArtFantast Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2016
Just thought id´drop in and give my thanks for AMoS and Afterlife Blues. Good readings while they lasted. *Tips hat*
ksleet Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2016
You're too kind, thanks!
macdjord Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2015
So, is there any hope for Afterlife Blues?
ksleet Featured By Owner Edited Sep 19, 2015
A reasonable question. Afraid I don't really have any answers for you, unfortunately.
ramirogalletti Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Student
i just read project-apollo , nice work
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